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Funding & Finance

Funding & Finance

With appropriate off-grid and grid-tied SSEG and service technologies, commercial industrial and smart communities can achieve energy independence, reduce CO2 footprint, and can realise favourable economic outcomes through innovative financing


TouchPoint solutions and finance structuring include opportunities for:


Storage solutions

Feed in Tariffs & Energy Trading

Crowd Investment Platform

Management services

Renewable Energy Certificates



In a recent binding ruling, SARS confirmed it will allow the cost of solar power units. TouchPoint can assist you to potentially benefit from this ruling. The capital costs that may be deducted are:

Photovoltaic solar panels

AC inverters

DC combiner boxes


Cables and wiring

In addition related allowable costs of installation are:

Installation planning expenses

Panels delivery costs

Installation expenses

Installation safety officer costs

Be Smart. Save Energy.

Let us know what your typical power consumption is and we can then determine your savings.