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Green Energy Future

Green Energy Future

A 100% renewable energy future is necessary, not only for the global climate stability, but also for local communities. Moving entirely away from the current fossil fuel economy can make our communities healthier, reduce pollution, and create more and better jobs. Globally, the adoption of clean energy is accelerating – simply put, it’s safe to say that clean energy isn’t just winning — it officially has won.


Access to renewable energy solutions at an individual household level has never been easier than it is now. Photo Voltaic solar power generation is the easiest, cheapest and most direct way you can become part of the green energy future.

The implementation costs of rooftop PV Solar have considerably reduced, while cost of electricity supplied by the state utility via the national grid and local municipalities is only escalating, making the decision of homeowners, corporates, commercial and industrial business, and even agricultural entities to fit PV solar systems a ‘no brainer’


As a specialty provider of utilities solutions and renewable energy systems designed for all of these applications, including off-grid and developing communities, TouchPoint Energy positions itself to benefit from the global electrification and services provision expansion trend.

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